Naomi Campbell Sits Down with Oprah, Discusses Anger Issues

Kerry Pieri

Naomi Campbell at the G20 Dinner in London. Photo: Goff/

Who better to talk some sense into ne’er-do-well Naomi Campbell than the talk show queen of media herself, Oprah. The supermodel with surprising career longevity sat down across from O yesterday as her mom Valerie and billionaire bf Vladimir Doronin watched on from the audience, reports WWD. Word is, the leggy one was especially candid when discussing her prolific career for the taping and particularly chatty about fashion and her recent drama there’s sure to be plenty of material.

For those in need of a recap, Campbell recently walked out on an ABC News interview after being asked about a “blood diamond” gift she received from Liberian president Charles Taylor (for added effect, she then threw a punch at the producer’s camera), and then there’s that well-publicized driver smackdown she allegedly participated in.

Oprah wouldn’t be Oprah without doing a bit of preaching. Campbell reportedly signed both the “No Phone Zone Pledge,” vowing not to use her celly while driving, and the No Phone Throwing Zone pledge which will be drafted especially for the model, and is equally as important to the safety of those around her.

Catch the full interview when the segment airs on Tuesday, May 4, and let us know if you think the anger management-adverse stunner is capable of redemption.

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