My Girl: 4 Guys Dress Their Gals in The Perfect Date Night Outfit

Marni Golden
My Girl: 4 Guys Dress Their Gals in The Perfect Date Night Outfit
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Let’s face it: The act of dressing up can be incredibly subjective, especially when it’s being defined by a male versus a female perspective.

For many fashion-savvy women, for example, wardrobe staples like boyfriend-fit jeans, silk harem pants, shapeless dresses, and chunky wedge heels are worn without a moment’s hesitation. Men, however, often have a very different reaction to these same items, which is, to put it mildly, distaste. Now, we’re not saying all men prefer woman to dress like an extra member of the Kardashian clan, but it’s safe to say that they often have strong opinions when it comes to what proves a turn-on in the wardrobe department.

So, in the spirit of St. Valentine’s Day, we invited four guys to dress their ladies for date night—in whatever way most suited their fancy. Over the course of our shoot, a bartender, an NFL exec, an art dealer, and an entrepreneur got to call the shots, with some pretty stylish results. Despite each having their own personal taste, they seemed to pretty much agree on one thing: figure-flattering definitely beats shapeless.

Read on to see Keiko, Michelle, Nicole and Suzanna’s date night transformations!

Photography by: Patrick Biesemans

Art Direction by: Jin Pak

Hair and Makeup by: Alice An

All clothing for Makeover Provided by: Bloomingdale’s and Scoop

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Keiko Lynn, blogger and designer, and boyfriend Bobby Hicks, bartender; dating for five years, friends for 10 years.

“I wear a lot of loose, sometimes shapeless clothing, and I like to mix ultra feminine pieces with a little bit of edge," says Lynn.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

Bobby threatened Keiko with “double leopard” during his initial pull. She wasn’t having it.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

"This is a little outside of my comfort zone since it's fitted and not several sizes too large," says Keiko, "but I do like what he chose! I like that it wasn't too matchy-matchy or ultra-sexy. If he would have put me in a bustier and a fitted mini, that would have been a problem. 

Sweater by Gryphon and skirt by Please Doing Business (both available at Scoop)

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

Michelle Reeves, Founder of David Family Wines, and Marc Reeves, NFL International Commercial Director; together for four years.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

"My style is pretty ladylike and feminine, but I’d like to dress a little edgier," confesses Michelle.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“I love Marc’s taste," says Michelle. "He pushes me to dress outside of my comfort zone all the time.”

Blouse by Equipment (available at Scoop) and shorts by 10 Crosby Derek Lam (available at Bloomingdale's)

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“I always laugh thinking of this time when Marc bought an ice cream cone one afternoon during one of our early dates," says Michelle. "He was totally oblivious to how much an ice cream was melting all over him. I couldn’t stop staring. Eventually, he saw my look of shock and realized he was a complete mess – even down to his shoes."

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

Nicole Fasolino, blogger and stylist, and partner Maxime Falkenstein, art dealer; together for seven years.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“I dress like a bohemian New Yorker," admits Nicole. "Max loves how I dress, but he would love for me to show more skin."

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

"We definitely have opposite opinions on what a girl should wear to look sexy," says Nicole.

Neoprene dress, T by Alexander Wang (available at Scoop)

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“Our most embarrassing date moment? Well, Max constantly shows up with his zipper down, and I spent an entire date with a price tag on my shoulder without anyone telling me,” confesses Nicole.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

Suzanna Lee, exec at Cinedigm and Manish Vora; Co-Founder of ARTLOG and Grey Area; together for two years.

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“I grew up in and around the art world so traditionally I've always tried to dress as wild as possible," says Suzanna. "Unfortunately, the older I get, the tamer I become.”

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“I love the business-casual look: long pants, blazers, suits. I think it’s very sexy on women. I must miss my days as a Midtown finance guy,” admits Vora.

Blazer by Parker and metallic leather tank by Patterson J Kincaid (both available at Bloomingdale's) and pants by Theory (available at Scoop)

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

“Zanna claims I gave her my resume on our second date," says Vora with an eye-roll. "On our first date, we went to see a screening of the original 'The Talented Mr. Ripley,' and when it was over, Zanna went to the bathroom and did her makeup for 25 minutes. I thought she had left the date!"

Photo: Patrick Biesemans/

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