Music Monday: Oberhofer’s Favorite ‘Summer Jamz’

Music Monday: Oberhofer’s Favorite ‘Summer Jamz’
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Four-piece indie rock group Oberhofer is what you wish your little brother’s garage band project sounded like. A humble band of young college students, Oberhofer’s sound is great for fans of lo-fi music who are lured in with rich hooks and strong pop sensibilities. While lead singer Brad Oberhofer‘s boyish looks resemble Ezra Koening, it’s hard to deny the comparison with Oberhofer as a less preppy Vampire Weekend with a strong Surfer Blood influence.

Since the release of their handmade and home recorded EP ooOooOoo, the Tacoma-Brooklyn band has been getting some serious attention from music tastemakers in the blogosphere.

Lead singer Brad Oberhofer shares with us his Top 10 list of songs for the moment adding, “Well it is summer time, so I’ve been listening to primarily summer jamz lately.”

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Lead singer Brad Oberhofer of Oberhofer

"Close to Me" by The Cure (The Head on the Door)
"This surfaces annually.  One of my favorite summer songs, namely due to its catchy flute line and cheesy saxophone solo, which I have memorized."
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"Wishing Well" by Love is All (A Hundred Things Keep Me Up at Night)
"These guys are crazy! The way they sing is just zany in a really good way."
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"Cosmic Clancy" by The Nightgowns (Sing Something)
"This is a band from my hometown that just writes insane songs.  Also check out 'Pppps' by them, it helps me sleep at night."
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"No Letting Go" by Wayne Wonder (No Letting Go)
"This song will for ever be amazing to me, spent years of my life stuck on this song."
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"Requiem for O.M.M. 2" by Of Montreal (The Sunlandic Twins)
"That chorus is too catchy for me to handle, I find myself singing it out loud constantly."
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"Calculator" by Micachu and the Shapes (Jewellery)
"Micachu and the Shapes write some amazing music, and this song just tickles me."
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"Always Wanting More" by Jay Reatard (Matador Singles '08)
"I love listening to this song when it's sunny, that guitar line rules."
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"Stormy Weather" by Etta James (At Last)
"Although this song doesn't necessarily revolve around it being gorgeous outside, I periodically revisit this song and am equally amazed by the sound of its string section every time."
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"A.M. 180" by Grandaddy (Under the Western Freeway)
"This song is one of my all time favorites and it is awesome."
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"Black Rice" by Women (Women)
"I don't understand what it is about this song at all, it is magical to me."
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