Music Monday: Dinosaur Feathers Top 10 Playlist

Music Monday: Dinosaur Feathers Top 10 Playlist
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Naming bands seems to have taken on a whole new art lately; first it was full-on innocuous sentences and now it’s trending towards more simple, minimalist statements (e.g. The Drums). So it was with a touch of whimsy or nod to that scene in Jurassic Park when Dr. Crane initially proposes the theory that birds are descendants of birds and then totally let’s that bratty kid have it that the less conventional name Dinosaur Feathers came about.

This amusing band’s moniker translates to their music. Drawing sounds from Latin and African music, Dinosaur Feathers sprinkles their songs with hooks and choruses you can giddily sing along to… until you realize the entire song is actually about breaking up. The band’s group vocals and harmonies combined with the acoustic guitar and drum machine makes for a rich and infectiously catchy sound.

Earlier this spring, the Brooklyn-based group released their debut LP Fantasy Memorial which received positive praise and attention from New York magazine and the The New York Times who dubbed the album, “one of the years quirkiest and most charming debut albums.”

With that kind of momentum behind them, it’s the perfect time to pick their brains for their Top 10 favorite songs du jour. Scroll through the slideshow above for Dinosaur Feather’s picks!

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Dinosaur Feathers

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