Motherhood Has Not Changed Nicole Richie’s Fashion Sense

Spencer Cain

Okay, if there’s one female celebrity I would maybe like to trade lives with, it’s Nicole Richie. She’s been through it all – – she was a Beverly Hills heiress, an out of control party girl who drove the wrong way down the damn highway, and now she’s an accomplished fashion designer and a seriously devoted mother and wife. On top of that, she has the most hilarious Twitter feed, like, ever. (Seriously the girl can do no wrong in my eyes.)

One thing any Richie aficionado has obviously noticed is that her signature style (her and Rachel Zoe actually started boho-chic) which has not taken a backseat to the pressures of raising a family. “I’m still wearing 5-inch heels. My fashion really hasn’t changed at all,” she told WWD.

Although it’s obviously clear her fashion has changed over the years. (Lest we forget Nicole gallivanting around in a tracksuit and a high ponytail with bad extension tracks.) But those days aren’t her only regrets.”When I was a little girl, my mom used to always get us matching dresses for everything,” she admitted.”So I was wearing the poufy skirt version of whatever my mom was wearing, and I had the worst, hairiest eyebrows and a big afro. That was before I was allowed to use a flatiron.”

Ugh…the days before the flatiron. A grim, grim time for many of us.

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