The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes of 2012

The Most Expensive Halloween Costumes of 2012
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Halloween is a unique holiday that means something different to everyone who celebrates it. When you’re a child, it’s the one day of the year your parents won’t get on you about excessive sugar consumption. When you’re a teenager, it’s a great excuse for a school night rager. And when you’re an adult, it’s either the bane of your existence — or the one night you can escape your humdrum life and wear a crazy costume.
When it comes to your outfit, you can stick to the basics or go all out. With the assumption that we’ll all be doing the latter, we perused the Internet for some seriously high-priced costumes and came up with 10 of the most expensive options out there.
Click through the gallery above for a look at costumes you can snag if you’re ready to drop major coin. (And be warned: Expensive doesn’t mean chic — or original!)

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