Morning Buzz: Updates From The Weekend

Jessica Rubin

Jay-Z may be a whole lot richer than you, but don’t say he’s not willing to do his part to fix America. That’s right, he’s stepping up and saying he’s willing to pay more. And you should to.

[Via Jezebel]

You know that calendar full of naked models that teen boys can look at guilt-free because it’s “fashion?” Well, Interview magazine is bringing you the full story in their chat with photographer Mario Sorrenti.

[Via Interview]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo hasn’t even come out yet, and already Rooney Mara has covered the most iconic fashion mag (Vogue) and now scored a shoot with Dazed & Confused. #Werk it girl.

[Via Design Scene]

For those of you who had serious concerns over where the funding for your newest Birkin bag was going to come from, fear not. Word on the style street is that canvas bags are the new black.

[Via NY Times]

What do cans of Coke, Tide boxes and teddy bears have in common? These rad photos.

[Via Jannike Viveka]

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