Morning Buzz: 5 Things You Missed Yesterday

Jessica Rubin

Saturday night was all about Stiller. But throw in Andy Samberg and Rag & Bone and things take a turn for the epic.

[Via Elle]

We spotted Johnny Weir during our New York Fashion Week adventures, but nothing tops sightings of Weir walking during New Jersey Fashion Week. Trust us … it gets better.

[Via The Cut]

Kate Moss’ daughter tries hard to keep mummy under control. Good luck honey!

[Via Vogue UK]

Uhoh, now you done it. Our fave maternal fashion figure, Diane von Furstenberg, has stepped up to the plate, attempting the daunting task of controlling the incessant bickering between fashion capitals.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]

Kanye West found a fashion critic who likes his collection. So it’s not just an urban fashion myth …

[Via Fashionista]

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