Monogram Gifts That Will Make Them Go ‘Awww’

Monogram Gifts That Will Make Them Go ‘Awww’
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It can be a slippery slope into the abyss of boring gifts when you buy standard ‘dad’ and ‘sister’ presents — trust us, if we have to purchase one more book or sweater we might actually scream from the lack of creativity.

We love the idea of personalization of products. Not only does it infuse a traditional and classic aspect into each piece, it’s a subtle decoration within itself. Also, did we mention it’s a super-easy way to make a standard gift special? We know it can be a tad intimidating when venturing into a new area, so we decided to share some of our fave monogram prezzies to help you out during the holidays.

Peep the slideshow above for seven sure-fire items that totally say “you’re way more important to me than a flimsy robe or a boring ole’ tie.”

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