Miss Piggy & Kelly Osbourne To Be “Project Runway” Judges

Spencer Cain

Project Runway All Stars, premiering on Lifetime on November 3, will bring back some of our favorite contestants from the previous eight seasons, including the now terrifying looking BFF of Santino Rice,Austin Scarlett, as well as the crazy headband-obsessed Kenley Collins (who was once arrested for throwing a cat at her fiance). Since this season has a severe case of the blahs, I’m ready for a little excitement.

Happily, that’s not all there is to look forward to: there will be a slew of guest judges like Debra Messing, Kelly Osbourne, Isaac Mizrahi, Miranda Kerr, Pharrell Williams, Kenneth Cole andMolly Sims who are all set to appear. Each has their own level of fashion credibility, so I’m sure they will all be vocal and hilarious. And I nearly forgot the most important judge of all: the iconic Miss Piggy, who is inarguably the best Muppet of all time.

Come on, you know it’s going to be amazing. If anyone knows couture, it’s the queen of swine herself.

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