Miley Cyrus Compared Her Sex Life With Liam Hemsworth to a Vehicle

Miley Cyrus Compared Her Sex Life With Liam Hemsworth to a Vehicle
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Whether it’s in front of fans, Ellen DeGeneres or her grandma, Miley Cyrus isn’t one to shy away from personal topics like her sex life. On a recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the 24-year-old singer got refreshingly real about her bedroom habits with her boyfriend (and rumored fiancé), Liam Hemsworth.

In the interview, DeGeneres asked Cyrus a series of sex-related questions from ’70s-era Cosmpolitan magazines. Cyrus prefaced the conversation with a heads-up that her grandma was in audience. However, after initial reluctance, Cyrus concluded that she DGAF if her grandma knew about her sex habits and told DeGeneres to proceed.”My grandma is in the audience,” Cyrus said. “She can’t hear anyway. It’s OK. I’m just kidding—you could hear that. I have on a mic.”

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Then came DeGeneres’s question, which was whether Cyrus would compare her sex life to “a roller coaster ride, a luxury cruise or a commuter trip on a Concorde jet.” Before DeGeneres could finish reading the last option, Cyrus rang in with Option C: a commuter trip on a Concord jet.

“A commuter trip on a Concorde jet?” DeGeneres clarified. “That means it’s fast.”

“Yeah,” Cyrus assured. “I’m good.”

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Though Cyrus and Hemsworth’s relationship is still a huge mystery since they reunited last year after ending their engagement in 2013, we at least know a little more about what goes down between them. And, judging from Cyrus’s answer, we’re guessing the couple isn’t too unfamiliar with the mile-high club.

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