Miley Cyrus Missed The VMA After-Parties to Collaborate with Kanye West: Report

Meghan Blalock

miley cyrus kanye west

If Miley Cyrusultimate goal is to become a legit hip-hop artist, she just got one step closer: according to a report in today’s New York Postthe controversial performer skipped her own parties following MTV’s Video Music Awards Sunday night to head to the studio with Kanye West for a “top-secret” collaboration.

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It gets better: reportedly, the top secret project the pair worked on is a remix of Kanye’s racially charged track “Black Skinhead” from his polarizing album “Yeezus.” We’re not exactly on-board with some pop culture analyses claiming Miley’s appropriation of hip-hop culture amounts to little more than a tasteless minstrel show—but we must confess: Kanye’s alleged decision to feature Miley on a song that tells such an explicit story about race made even us raise our eyebrows.

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The opinions of bloggers, academics, and various other pop culture analysts, though, is practically irrelevant when hip-hop royalty themselves are accepting, encouraging, and even endorsing Miley. She has received applause from the likes of not only Kanye, but Jay Z, Big Sean, producer Mike Will, Robin Thicke, Snoop Lion, Juicy J, and many, many more.

So what’s going on here? Far be it from us to postulate the deeper meanings of these goings-on, but at the very least it probably has something to do with the old-fashioned allure of power and its common bedfellow, money.

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Miley has a massive following, and she has since her days on Disney’s “Hannah Montana.” Hip-hop’s biggest stars, though loved the world over and completely successful in layman’s terms, are still nowhere near the level of Miley in terms of fans, followers, clicks, and (yes) sales. They probably see her as a great opportunity to bring their music even more into the spotlight of pop culture than they are now, and Miley sees them as an opportunity to express her new “ratchet” self; so, truly, it’s a win-win scenario.

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