Miley Cyrus Gets Bootylicious On Twitter With Another Risqué Photo

Miley Cyrus Gets Bootylicious On Twitter With Another Risqué Photo
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Miley Cyrus has officially reached Rihanna levels of insanity on Instagram; the 20-year-old star has been posting racier and racier photos to both Insta and Twitter, and today, she hit a maximum: wearing a skin-tight white spandex crop top and leggings, she bends over a bed and gives viewers a prime real estate spot’s view of her derriere.

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And the star seems to be following in RiRi’s footsteps in other ways, too: she has the side-buzzed haircut that Rihanna became so well-known for several years ago. She’s working with a bunch of rappers and urban producers and seems to be, generally, revamping her image from the young girl who once played Disney’s Hannah Montana to someone who poses in skimpy swimsuits and, well, bends over and shows off her bum in all its glorious detail.

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We’re really torn on what Miley is doing with her image; while we love some of the fashion choices she’s been making on red carpets, in her not-so-personal social media life, she’s getting a wee bit lewd. But, hey, RiRi does it too, and we still love her.

Tell us what you think of Miley’s new, racy approach to her wardrobe in the comments below!

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