Milan Fashion Week Tweets; Kate Moss Goes 3D

Kerry Pieri

There’s something so sadly true about the 3 PM slump that time in the day when a serious Starbucks/5 Hour Energy/Red Bull/Diet Faux Sugar Beverage or some other barely legal energizing substance is in order but rarely does the trick for me. It’s when my eyes start to glaze, whole news articles become jibberish, and my ability to make complete sentences is eradicated. In other words, I prefer my updates short, witty and sweet.

Read on for the written equivalent of your favorite venti latte, only stronger!


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  • RT @JohnnyGWeir The shoot was great. Blue fingernails and lots o’ glitter. That’s all I can give away until November! The shoot was major! Nothing says Monday like blue polish and tons of glitter!
  • RT @Viktor_and_Rolf Working on the show in Paris…making outfits. What do you think: white or colour? We’re just feeling honored that the duo is asking our opinion…
  • RT @cmbenz Do you like Billie Holliday? I love him. #LAisreallysomething Nothing is better on a rainy Monday than a solid Clueless quote.

101920 1285616650 486x Milan Fashion Week Tweets; Kate Moss Goes 3D

  • RT @bryanboy At Bvlgari Hotel last night for Matthew Williamson event Thought I was clicking through for a party shot, but love the self promo. Maintain the hotness BB.


  • Cathy Horyn on Versace’s runway: “Donatella Versace used all the top girls, naturally, and I cant remember when they looked that good. They could certainly walk, and that hasnt been true for a lot of the models this week in Milan.” Only in fashion is walking a victory. (On the Runway)
  • Lady Gaga is about to shock the shit out of New England on a regular basis. The avant-garde one supposedly has plans to buy on Martha’s Vineyard. Lady Gaga-Kennedy anyone? (WWD)
  • Bloomingdale’s found one singular bedbug in their flagship store. How is that even possible? (Fashionista)
  • Bleach Black has a super amazing shot of getting dissed for a handshake by Martha Stewart. Can’t imagine anyone else I’d prefer to be dissed by… (Bleach Black)

101917 1285615488 486x Milan Fashion Week Tweets; Kate Moss Goes 3D
Photo: Joe Kohen, Getty Images

  • Apparently Gisele tells Tom Brady how to cut his hair. Would you tell that beautiful man what to do with his tousled blond locks? That is one controlling sexy supermodel. (People)


“Suspended in time and space, Kate is caught inexorably in the parallax gap; a butterfly in a spider’s web.” AKA Kate Moss throws diamonds in yo’ face care of Ray Harryhausen, James Bidgood and Kenneth Anger, KM3D-1.


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