A Migration to Paris


Couture week is here… well, there. We wish we could be in Paris to see what some of the world’s most coveted designers are up to for their couture collections but we’re stuck in New York instead. No big deal, we’re still reporting about the shows (check out StyleCaster’s couture coverage) and living vicariously through the celebrities that are there. It must have been an easy commute for our favorite A-listers, leaving London after Wimbledon and hopstopping to Paris. Oh, the good life.

Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Kylie Minogue are among the familiar faces we have recently caught (sans Anti-Paparazzi Clutch) in Paris.

Kylie Minogue was looking chic en route to Jean Paul Gaultier’s show in one of the designer’s creations and black shades.

Madonna and Lady Gaga were caught in a less-than-glamorous setting while checking into their hotels. Madonna was rocking an au naturale “I-just-flew-in-leave-me-alone” look while holding adopted child Mercy’s hand and walking into the Ritz Hotel.

And Lady Gaga… Oh Lady Gaga, nothing surprises us anymore. Not even the super-studded jacket, underwear shorts and thigh-high boots. Why the sourpuss face though? You’re in the City of Lights, among the most influential people in the fashion world! If we could trade places… we just might. C’est vrai.



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