Michael Jackson Ticket for ‘This is It’: Get Yours Now


Michael Jackson’s last film, ‘This Is It,’ is a compilation of behind-the-scenes and rehearsal footage for the concert series “This Is It,” that was due to tour 100 shows in London this year. Tickets for the film went on sale yesterday and have been selling like crazy on all of the movie vendor websites, especially Fandango. However, the movie doesn’t actually hit the big screen until October 28.

“‘This Is It’ may go down as the greatest concert no one got a chance to see” said Kenny Ortega, the director of the movie, who also directed High School Musical. After watching the trailer (check it out on the movies website thisisit-movie.com) we are in agreement. Complete with classic songs and tons of MJ choreography, this movie is sure give one last look at the Michael Jackson we loved to listen to and remind billions of people worldwide of his astonishing career achievements.

It will release as two week limited engagement, and then go straight to DVD. Tickets are not yet sold out in New York City, click here, to purchase your ticket right now! We’re super excited for this iconic film, as it will celebrate pop icon Michael Jackson for the superstar he really was.

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