Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe Get Down With HPNOTIQ: Party Snaps

Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe Get Down With HPNOTIQ: Party Snaps
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What do you get when you combine two musically-inclined “It” girls, one reality TV star and one brand new “designer liqueur” launch on a Tuesday night?

You get a clusterf*ck of booze and estrogen.

Guests who made it out to the HPNOTIQ Harmonie launch last night at the recently opened Dream Downtown hotel got to experience just that. Hosting duties of the evening went to Khloe Kardashian Odom (loving the addition of her new hubby’s surname, by the way), who invited a few of her “celebrity friends” to party with her at the VIP tables inside PH-D, the hotel’s rooftop lounge.

DJ Mia Moretti and violinist Caitlin Moe curated the party’s soundtrack with a mix of freestyle, electro pop and 90s throwback jams. During an energetic battle of the beats, Caitlin was killing it on the strings while Mia was mixing and scratching alongside her, using the tunes of Calvin Harris, Daft Punk and the like.

HPNOTIQ Harmonie is a blend of Premium French Vodka (French, so you know it’s classier than a Polish or Russian Vodka) with “infused natural fruits, flowers and Cognac.” This isn’t your rap superstar’s vodka by the way – HPNOTIQ Harmonie is aimed for the socialite party girl who knows how to be a sweetheart, but isn’t always that innocent.

To see who came out last night and left with a sweet tooth, take a browse through the photos in the slideshow above!

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