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Men In Tights: What Do You Think Of The Mantyhose Trend?

Men In Tights: What Do You Think Of The Mantyhose Trend?

We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go, but in general it seems that the sense of sartorial adventure seems to live mostly on the ladies’ side of the pond. Guys undoubtedly have fun with fashion, but it often feels as though there’s less room to break boundaries and develop a whole new aesthetic. Until now.

Girls have been longtime lovers of tights. The patterns, colors and accessibility to our summer clothes even in the depths of winter have made tights an essential for stylish gals around the world. And it seems like guys are ready for a piece of the pie. According to WWD, the Florentine legwear company Emilio Cavallini has seen a rise in their sales of mantyhose — which is exactly what you think it is … pantyhose for men.

Cavallini’s male-friendly line includes tights sporting patterns like skulls and stripes along with solid colors. While some guys wear their tights under pants to keep warm, there are quite a few boys who are willing to try their hand at the shorts and tights look that we’ve come to know and love.

So what do you think of this new take on male fashion exploration? Are you ready to embrace the boys’ new love for nylon, or do you think they should ditch the tights and ease into the world of alternative legwear with a fun pair of leggings or colored jeans? Share your opinion in the poll below!

Photo: Tampa Bay Times

  • Averagejoe

    I’m a straight, married man and I wear support hose daily. They are comfortable and help with leg circulation. Its about time leg wear for men gained mainstream acceptance.

  • Solid State Max

    Great designs and you have my support since I’ve been wearing tights under my pants and come to love them after helping me on keeping my blood pressure low. Unfortunately, tolerance in the US for guys in tights still isn’t there yet at least to where a guy can wear his tights under his shorts and not get attacked as “gay”. Interesting though that in the recent times, some women have taken some tights to look “manly” on them and I think they’re right.

  • Dafuqtights

    Fucking gay

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