Memorial Day Playlist: Summer, Soldiers, Stars & Stripes

Kerry Pieri

I love a good thematic playlist. I mean, who doesn’t? In honor of Memorial Day, here are eight jams that fall under the themes of sun, summer, soldiers, stars and stripes without getting too “I’m Proud to be an American” on you. Happy Memorial Day!

Month of May, Arcade Fire May, get it?

The Boys of Summer, Don Henley – A classic.

Stars and Boulevards, Augustana A good jam with stars in the title.

Sun of a Gun, Oh Land Love me some Oh Land.

Summer Love, Justin Timberlake And JT.

Buffalo Soldier, Bob Marley It just makes you want to be on a beach.

Travellin’ Soldier, Dixie Chicks Sad, but pretty.

Sun Hands, Local Natives An indie ending for you.

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