Megan Fox Gets A Job With Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Gym Rats Should Fear Skin Diseases

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RT @AskMrMickey: “I want to invent a crotchless version of Spanx and call them Skanx. I just think up clever ideas all day long. I’m relentless.”
There are very few tweeters who make us laugh out loud at our desks like Monsieur Mickey.

RT @BarRefaelicious Talking with a random girl and she’s drunk. She telling me to never get married and only to get a piece of ass…. o_0
Girls, never be that girl.

RT @Bergdorfs Behind the scenes: our office kitchen
Somehow we were imagining Perrier and bare-naked crudites (no fattening dips fashion girls!).
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RT @cocoperez A Cocolicious source tells me that #CourtneyLove was shopping at Barney’s in NYC yesterday and staging photos with a paparazzo. Desperate!
Hey, lady does have a fashion blog to publicize.

RT @derekblasberg The barrista at my local Starbucks is in full drag this morning. Like, it looks like Jujubee from RuPaul’s Drag Race. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!
And this isn’t accompanied by a Twitpic?


Megan Fox has been named the new face of Giorgio Armani Cosmetics (quickly booting Lara Stone out of the job). She may not actually be doing any acting but apparently designers aren’t giving up on her just yet. (WWD, subscription required)
97074 1280948287 Megan Fox Gets A Job With Giorgio Armani Cosmetics, Gym Rats Should Fear Skin Diseases
Megan Fox may no longer be part of the ‘Transformers’ franchise, but she’s still got her pretty face. Photo: Barry King, FilmMagic

Angela Lindvall is the latest model turned designer, only she’s taking a more eco approach than her predecessors. The blond beauty is collaborating with John Hardy on a jewelry collection for charity called Hijau (“green” in Balinese). Check out a behind the scenes vid below. (John Hardy)

Herpes, impetigo, ringworm yes, these are skin infections you can catch at the gym according to the August issue of The Journal of Athletic Training. A couple of love handles sound almost cute right about now, no? (NY Times)

Oops, a flash sale site is in trouble. Cartier is suing HauteLook for selling used and damaged goods without permission. (SheFinds)

Jennifer Aniston is channeling Babs in a September Harper’s Bazaar editorial. Is she secretly angling for an Oscar by aligning herself with the talented Ms. Streisand? (People)

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