Why Medium Should Be Your New Favorite Blogging Platform

Cady Lang

Photo: Getty

Earlier this year, a friend had sent me a link to a story on Medium about “chill girls,” following a heated discussion on love, gender dynamics, and the pop culture trope of cool, or “chill,” girls. Subject matter aside—I obviously loved the article and promptly sent it to many of my friends—I was definitely more than intrigued by the platform that it was hosted on.

Medium is a blogging platform that was initially started by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams in 2012 as a way for users to say what they wanted to say in more than 140 characters. However, in recent years, the platform has expanded from the musing of bloggers and Twitter users (although there’s still plenty of that still, bless) to paid contributions, long-form narratives, and social journalism.

Anyone can contribute a piece to Medium by creating an account for free with either an e-mail address or a Twitter account, and it operates pretty much like Twitter, except instead of “liking” a tweet (RIP, Twitter favorite button), you can “recommend” a story in pretty much the same manner. By following other Medium users, you can both see the content they created, and have read and recommended—genius!

The best parts of Medium, however, are the personalities that emerge—as an extension of Twitter, there seems to be a freedom afforded to the writers to be a little more irreverent and candid—as well as the opportunity to find writing that really resonates with you.

Suggestions will pop up according to what you have recommended, as well as by who you follow, and it’s here that I’ve found writers and pieces that would have otherwise stayed out of my timeline—posts like Arabelle Sicardi‘s excellent dissection on how men interact with beauty or Alan Hanson‘s hilarious (and terrifyingly true) profile of the hipster alternative to the fuck boy.

So far, I’ve only been an eager reader and recommender of stories, but here’s hoping that in the new year, I’ll join this community of writers. I’ve got a lot to say and 140 characters just won’t do it anymore.

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