McQueen’s Designs Going On The Auction Block, Betty White Mourns Fellow ‘Golden Girl’ Rue McClanahan

Kerry Pieri

Looks from Alexander McQueen’s Fall 2007 show

Men’s fashion always seems to be just a little behind the ladies. Fantastic Man is edging to jump on the plus size model wave with its current issue featuring a gentleman who’s just slightly larger than the average 28-inch waisted fella yes, that’s now the current male model standard. (Jezebel)

It took awhile, but the government has set its sights on some ebay top sellers. Uncle Sam wants a cut of some of those “Buy It Now” earnings starting in 2012. Some vintage toy collectors are freaking out right about now. (Consumerist)

Pop icon Betty White reacts to the death of fellow Golden Girl Rue McClanahan by telling The Insider, ” It hurts more than I ever thought it would, if that’s even possible.” That makes us so sad.

Glamour magazine is releasing a cookbook which includes a chicken recipe that is rumored to have inspired more than one proposal. We can’t decide if this is pathetic, or if we’re going to have to whip up a chicken for our bfs tonight. (Racked)

Two dresses from Alexander McQueen‘s famed 2007 collection inspired by the Salem Witch Trials are going up on the auction block in Bonhams, Knightsbridge. The original presentation included a ouiji board runway and images of burning witches. We miss this man. (Vogue UK)

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