Yes, Those Star Trek-Like McQueen Visors Are For Sale

Clare Todhunter

mcqueen visor Yes, Those Star Trek Like McQueen Visors Are For Sale

We’ve seen plenty of over-the-top looks hit the runway over the years, from bearded ladies to Gaga-esque face masks, but most of these artistic add-ons don’t make it past the catwalk and were never really meant to be part of the retail collection. Alexander McQueen, as per usual, is breaking down runway and retail boundaries by bringing the space-age visors first shown on the label’s runway show last February and incorporating them into the label’s Fall/Winter offerings.

The futuristic visors are on sale as of today for the price of $475 on the designer’s website. They’re apparently made from high-shine plexiglass (with essential UV protection) and are completely clear to see-through. Beach get-up anyone?

While we’re not entirely sure we’d be bold enough to make such a splurge, we love the concept of this runway look being made available to the masses.

What do you think of McQueen’s futuristic visors? Would you wear one?

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