Day quatro at MBFWA Spring/Summer 2012/3 in Sydney sees prints, prints and more prints.

MBFWA Day Four: 48 Fashion Snaps From Sydney’s Spring/Summer 2012 Shows

Jamie Rose

Moving along into day quatro of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, the runways were packed yet again with prints and patterns galore.

Australian brand We Are Handsome successfully showed off their graphic swimwear and resort pieces, a key design element that has made them famous. Designers such as Kristi Rose and Collecting Pretty Boys did the same, but took it further with florals–a trend we’ve been seeing in every Fashion Week all over the world, like whoa.

Though pastels in yellow and green were also spotted as another trend, as seen on the runways of Cynthia ThaiCarlie Waterman and Tovah, deep oranges, blacks and metallic gold were spotted everywhere else. Christopher Baldwin and Kaylene Milner took a risk and executed the coordination of these colorways and hues to a tee, making their outfits look extremely transitional for springtime wear to perfect styles come the fall.

Moving away from the bold and bright, menswear designer Yuliy Gershinsky chose to stick to solid black, white and khahi options. Basics are always on trend but never before have they been in full force like we’re seeing them now.

To see which runway looks were our favorites from day four, click through the gallery above!

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