Mary-Kate and Ashley Launch Insane Sunglasses for The Row

Kerry Pieri
Mary-Kate and Ashley Launch Insane Sunglasses for The Row
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What’s has leather and crocodile trim and is designed in collaboration with sunglasses guru Linda Farrow? Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s high end line, The Row’s collection of sunnies for Spring 2011 and they’re everything you ever wished for and more.

You probably know that those Olsens love themselves some rad sunglasses and that Linda Farrow is responsible for some of the coolest ever created those Alexander Wang cat eyes should come to mind, as well Gaga‘s Mickey Mouse inspired pair. So it should come as zero surprise that this auspicious union would result in something streamlined and sleek and wearable and awesome think some round, some wayfarer inspired, some aviator, all pretty timeless.

Ashley Olsen puts her vision into words, explaining, “Its about combining the allure and quality of the past with a modern aesthetic.”

Click through for 9 of the styles which go up for sale on today and retail beginning at $422 for leather accents, up to $874 for croc trim. Hey, I said awesome, not cheap.

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