Marie Antoinette Stars In Wildfox Couture’s Spring 2011 Lookbook

Marie Antoinette Stars In Wildfox Couture’s Spring 2011 Lookbook
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Wildfox Couture seriously takes the cake when it comes to seasonal lookbooks, and the California knitwear brand outdid itself with the Spring 2011 offering. Starring Naty Chabanenko as Marie Antoinette, the book illustrates her untold story, which involves running away from King Louis in France to take a holiday in Los Angeles with her sisters (even the Queen could use a vacation every now and then).

We learn the details of her travels through a series of postcards that are sprinkled throughout. She spends her days lounging by the pool, celebrity spotting and shopping duh but before you can saybon voyage, she’s forced back to her chateau when her husband discovers she’s missing.Click through to see our favorite shots of the spring collection. C’est magnifique!

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Marie Antoinette takes a California vacation.

Marie wants to be the girl with the most cake.

Kickin' back, L.A. style.

Wonder if Tavi inspired this hair color...

Cotton candy hair in the California sun.

All of this cleaning is sure cutting in to her shopping and sunning time. 

Don't you have a chef who can prepare your petit déjeuner?


This fan is very Madame Butterfly, non?

Loving the red lips and solid gold swan faucet.

You can't lounge by the pool like this in France.

Their candy-colored hair matches the macarons

This is quite possibly the most regal living room outside of Versailles.

Trying to beat the California heat by enjoying the A.C. on a couch fit for a queen. 


How sick are these shades?

Off to walk the dogs on Rodeo Drive...

A backyard picnic lit by candelabra... totally normal.

We are le tired. What a rough life!

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