Margherita Missoni Shot in the Collab Pieces, Sorry Target

Kerry Pieri
Margherita Missoni Shot in the Collab Pieces, Sorry Target
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Those paparazzi are all up in everything even super secret fashion collaborations, apparently. Target is doing its very best to keep the Missoni for Target pieces images off of those dirty blogs that like to leak just about everything, and I swear I wouldn’t even post these if you weren’t going to see them elsewhere anyway. Plus, there’s only like three items on view on the lovely Margherita Missoni who was photographed while shooting the ad spot for the collaboration and there’s about 400 pieces total, including a bike and enough housewares to keep you all Rachel Zoe’d out for the foreseeable future.

So now you’ve seen the cute little flats and the adorable shift dress and headband and luggage and now you just want this collaboration to get here. It lands in stores September 13 and it’s going to be everything your zigzag pattern dreams are made of and more.


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