Marc Jacobs’ Net Worth: How Rich Is He Really?

Spencer Cain
Photo via Annex Magazine

Photo via Annex Magazine

Marc Jacobs has evolved into one of the most iconic designers of all time, and at 50 years old, he has a seriously amazing career under his belt. Really though, he’s just getting started. With a high-paying gig as the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton not to mention his eponymous labels, Jacobs and longtime business partner Robert Duffy, seem poised to take over the entire industry.
Read on as we investigate Marc Jacobs’ huge net worth!
Estimated Net Worth: Marc Jacobs wears many hats, and it’s safe to say that all of these hats pay him extremely well. A 2012 estimate places his personal net worth at $100 million, with his thriving business worth tons more.
Salary: In 2011, the fashion world was up in arms when John Galliano was fired from Dior after making some controversial, anti-semitic remarks while drunk. Naturally, someone got them all on camera, and so his fall from grace began. People were in uproar, and many wondered who could come along and save Dior from disappearing. Jacobs’ name immediately came into question, as he had such success with Louis Vuitton and it seemed like a natural fit. However, this didn’t work out, and WWD reported that Jacobs and Duffy wanted salaries of at least $10 million if they were to consider the move. So, it would seem that Jacobs is already making close to that.
Empire: Obviously, we all know that Marc Jacobs is one of the most popular designers living today. In addition to his high priced eponymous label, he is the Creative Director of Louis Vuitton. His diffusion line Marc by Marc Jacobs, which has become wildly successful due to lower priced handbags and accessories, is a serious cash cow. There are currently 285 Marc Jacobs retail stores worldwide, making him accessible to just about everyone around the globe. No wonder he’s so rich!
Real Estate: One of Marc Jacobs’ homes was put on the rental market this February. The 2,500 square foot SoHo pad, located on the swanky Mercer Street, was available for $37,500 a month. Sadly, someone has already snagged it up. Jacobs also owns a West Village townhouse that experienced severe water damage as a result of last year’s devastating Hurricane Sandy. He promptly relocated uptown to the Plaza Athénée. He also reportedly owns an apartment in Paris.
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