Marc Jacobs’ Intern Has a Meltdown on Twitter

Kerry Pieri

Though the feed has since been taken down, The Cut has a screen grab of the tweets showcasing an intern filling in for Marc Jacobs president, Robert Duffy, and subsequently having a total meltdown while on Twitter duty. Remember when interns used to fetch coffee and check in clothes? Now, they’re lightly given the role of serving as the voice of a brand.

Maybe Duffy didn’t realize things could go awry so quickly, but he was wrong. The unnamed intern, who was tweeting because Marc Jacobs Int’l is searching for someone to fill the position, but none of the 50 interviewed thus far fit the bill, quickly lost him composure on Friday night. He called Robert a “tyrant” and even went all 90s, tweeting, “see ya wouldn’t want to be ya.” The intern also basically gives up his career in fashion, which I think is a little dramatic with all that attitude and Twitter attention he’d probably be perfect in this industry.

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