Marc Jacobs Collection Rachello Boater Hat


Object Of Desire

Marc Jacobs Collection rachello boater hat, $375, at

Reason #1

With its jaunty angle and Mary Poppins vibe, a boater hat adds an on-trend, Edwardian boost to any look. Wear it as an optimistic accessory on a sunny day in early spring.

Reason #2

It was designed in collaboration with famed milliner Stephen Jones, who’s topped the glamorous heads of Anna Piaggi, Dita von Teese and the late Isabella Blow.

Reason #3

Consider it the charmingly dented, grosgrain-ribboned opposite to the Russian fur roller hat you’ve been sweating under for the past four months. Plus, if you snag it now, you’ll be the first to wear it before it becomes utterly ubiquitous by July.

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