Lula Shows Us What A Rodarte Girl Scout Uniform Looks Like


Our favorite bi-annual fashion glossy Lula was just released, and not only did the dreamy mag’s colorful editorials get us excited for the hazy summer ahead, its editors even fanticized about ways to make the season’s most classic activitiescamp and girl scouts more fashionable.

Lula called on its dear friends Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodartewho just so happened to guest-edit the magazine’s last issueto design a uniform for the imaginary “Troop Lula.” Their sketch, a lemon yellow party dress, is insanely girly and would put the members of Troop Beverly Hills to shame. Where do we sign up?

Any Girl Scout unit that pranced around touting Thin Mints in this outfit would certainly make a killing, don’t you think?

Sketch by Kate and Laura Mulleavy

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