Lucky Little Foodie


I miss a lot of things about my post at Lucky Magazine — shopping for a living, the ins with emerging designers, cool people, Noria Morales… You see, Noria was my desk-neighbor, cube-mate and my aisle-partner. This is somewhat equivalent to being college dorm roommates except our college was the ivy-leage of shopping mags and our dorms were located at 4 Times Square, inside the Condé Nast building.

When Noria was not busy expanding her growing piles of “to-be-filed” look books onto my desk, she would teach me a thing or two about her favorite subject: Food. I would, in turn, tidy up her space without her knowing. My dirtly-little secret is out (no pun intended) and now it’s time to expose another. It’s a little known fact that fashion editors make great food editors. It’s an occupational hazard to our diets but we are suckers for social eating and the fashion world comes with its fair share.

Noria has been secretly penning a little blog about her adventures with food. Take a peak at where this fashion social has been dining and I guarantee you will be inspired to pick up your BlackBerry and make a reservation immediately.

Shhhhh… She doesn’t know I’m StyleCasting her blog!

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