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LOVE Pamela Love
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I don’t mess around when it comes to jewelry. And I don’t mean that in an, I only wear baubles and Cartier, kind of way. I subscribe to the Audrey Hepburn no diamonds under 40 rule. Well, besides the one –– you know what I’m talking about ladies.

What I mean to say is that my pieces are always statement pieces. (As you can plainly see from my photograph above). And for these I often look to jewelry designers such as Robert Lee Morris and Pamela Love.

Highsnobette just featured a to-die-for cuff by Pamela Love, the “Pentagram Brass Cuff,” that makes me want to get it into my signature rotation. Or at least wear on the other wrist. Would that be too much? Probably. Do I care? Nope.

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Cuffs-my design

Pamela Love-The Pentagram Brass Cuff available @ Net-a-Porter.

Pamela Love-The Pentagram Brass Cuff available @ Net-a-Porter.

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