Loose Lips: Dana Wood


“Unless you really work it- and by “work it” I mean morph into a publicist-stalking, invitation-requesting desperado- you can easily find yourself stuck at the office while your co-workers are zipping around town like latte-clutching lunatics.”

Dana Wood, on how she doesn’t get “good” invites to “good” shows during Fashion Week

So your new blog, The Outsider, which launched today, seems pretty funny. However, it’s dubbed The Outsider like the Fashion Features Editor of W Magazine is totally not an insider. No matter how many times you reference your kids and semi-domestic lifestyle…you’re the freaking Fashion Features Editor of W Magazine!!!

Which is why you don’t have to be a publicist-stalking, invitation-requesting desperado (sidenote: doesn’t anything with the word ‘desperado’ in it sound kind of awesome)…your assistant does that for you while you tap your Prada heels.

That is all.

Much love.

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