A Look Back At Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Fashion Blunders

A Look Back At Lindsay Lohan’s Courtroom Fashion Blunders
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Oh, Lindsay. You are KILLING me. I give you all these great suggestions to improve your life, and you just completely ignore me. Ugh, women! Anyway, Merrick, New York’s pride and joy showed up for court today in a sleeveless white Fendi dress, a white scarf, and gold Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe pumps. To top it all off, she opted for one of the tackiest Chanel bags on the market.

Now, this is not a totally heinous outfit. I could see one of my gal pals donning it to throw back a few brewskies and pretend to eat a hamburger at a beach get-together in Southampton. But honestly, court? No. Sadly, this is a step up from Lindsay’s previous court looks – so please, take a look at the gallery above and relive some of her more questionable choices. (And kids, remember that looking hot and fashionable is not the same as looking innocent.)

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