A Look Back At Ashton Kutcher’s Many Social Media Missteps

Spencer Cain

A few years ago, when the Twitter craze really started to take off, us mere mortals became even more celebrity obsessed than ever before. Now, we could “follow” our favorite stars and see their most intimate thoughts (a.k.a. generally just what boots they like and where they like to have lunch in L.A.). At this time, Ashton Kutcher was king. And it wasn’t long before he quickly became known as one of Twitter’s most prominent personalities.

Let’s just say…times have changed for Ashton. Despite his rising fame (for many of the wrong reasons), a series of social media missteps and bad decisions have set him back in the court of public opinion. I’ve compiled a list of some of his biggest errors. Take a look below.

  • Way Too Much Oversharing — Many, many celebs are guilty of divulging too much dish when it comes to tweeting, but Ashton has been doing it since the beginning. At first, it was sort of cute, but then it just got um, weird. Ashton, who goes by @aplusk, tweeted a picture of the queen of the cougar (his wife Demi Moore) bent over and scantily clad with the caption “shh don’t tell wifey.” While Demi has a hot bod and there’s no reason not to flaunt it, he shouldn’t share that much about his relationship. This oversharing went even further with a gazillion tweets from sets, stages, offices and a chest-waxing debacle we’d all like to put behind us.
  • His Behavior After The Cheating Scandal — While we’re on the subject of Ashton’s “oversharing,” let’s talk about one area where he’s been strangely mum. If you’ve passed a magazine cover in the past two months, you know that Kutch is in some pretty hot water. After an alleged steamy one-night stand with some classy lady younger than his eldest stepdaughter Rumer Willis, photos of him getting into a car with this hussy hit the ‘net, and naturally, people freaked out. Ashton played the situation stupidly (and a bit hypocritcally), tweeting weird, cryptic things such as: “When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of you make an ASS out of U and ME.” Good one, A! You really know how to deny allegations and foster a real community among your 8 million plus followers.
  • The Details Debacle — Earlier this year, Ashton served as a “guest editor” for an online issue of Details. Instead of providing the public with original, worthwhile content on Silicon Valley (you know, that other area he claims to be an expert in outside of Kaballah and acting), he instead recommended a large amount of products in which he had personally invested. Many in the tech and media community were furious at this abuse of power and expected the SEC to jump in (since it’s widely-known best practice that editors and writer must fully disclose their personal relationship with products, brands and services when covering them for a mass audience). Look, I’m all for self-promotion, but this was straight up stupid. All it resulted in was further driving home the point that Ashton Kutcher has no point or validity being in the digital or social media space.
  • The Joe Paterno Tweet Heard ‘Round The World — I don’t even want to discuss the details of the situation at Penn State University right now, because it has gotten a ridiculous amount of coverage in the media and I’ve seen one too many dramatic Facebook statuses about it. Basically, following Penn State’s firing of legendary football coach Joe Paterno after a sex scandal, Ashton tweeted, “How do you fire Jo Pa? As a Hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.” Needless to say, people were not thrilled. Not even a little bit. Ashton played dumb, claiming he didn’t know the details of the situation and apologized. Too little too late considering he and Demi had a fit earlier this year when they were called out by the Village Voice for faulty stats they were touting as part of a larger global initiative against child abuse and sex trafficking. (Way to miss an opportunity to actually further your cause, dude.)
  • Announcing His Management Will Be Handling His Twitter — Look, you don’t get to bail after you’ve been one of the most outspoken personalities across social media for the past couple of years. Again, this strikes us as being really hypocritical. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t hide behind their agents, managers and minions. You just admit you f*cked up, maintain a low profile and shut up already. Sometimes less is more and that includes tweets, Twitter followers, and uninformed statements and opinions that show that you’re not as smart or cool as you think you are.

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