Casinos, Celebrities and Pork Belly: A Journey Through London Fashion Week

Spencer Cain

Hot off the heels of New York fashion week, I headed across the pond to London to see how the Brits do it. From the moment I saw one of my plane-mates was none other than Vogue editrix Anna Wintour, I knew it would be an interesting trip.
Naturally, London’s fashion culture is far different from my homebase of New York. While everyone in Manhattan gallivants around in basic black and stilettos, the London folk prefer bold colors, insane hair and shoes with inverted heels. Needless to say, people watching was exemplary.
As a London fashion week virgin, I had no idea what to expect, but I quickly found out it’s a great time to visit the city. The restaurants are buzzing with chic people, you’re sure to run into someone you know and it’s a welcome departure from the states.
A rather quirky city with a plethora of restaurants, shops and sightseeing, I got to experience everything from exclusive members only clubs to late-night gambling spots. For more on my London long weekend, click through the gallery above.

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