Liv Tyler Kinda Makes Out With Her Dad on the Red Carpet

Kerry Pieri

5 Thoughts on the Above Image Featuring Liv Tyler and Steven Tyler (i.e. biological daighter and father)

1. I love Steven Tyler even more now since I see him twice weekly on American Idol. He’s a legitimate rock star.

2. I love, love 70s Aerosmith.

3. I’ve loved Liv Tyler since Empire Records.

4. I first knew Liv and Steven must have had an “unconventional” relationship when he allowed his then teenage daughter to strip in the “Crazy” video and make out with Alicia Silverstone.

5. I didn’t think it was so unconventional that Liv and Steven would then make out on the red carpet of the Super opening in LA last night. I don’t want to get all “Angelina Jolie open mouth kisses her brother at the Oscars” about this, but it’s a weird photo. That’s all I’m saying.

Photo: Todd Williamson, WireImage

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