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Liv Tyler Kinda Makes Out With Her Dad on the Red Carpet

Liv Tyler Kinda Makes Out With Her Dad on the Red Carpet

5 Thoughts on the Above Image Featuring Liv Tyler and Steven Tyler (i.e. biological daighter and father)

1. I love Steven Tyler even more now since I see him twice weekly on American Idol. He’s a legitimate rock star.

2. I love, love 70s Aerosmith.

3. I’ve loved Liv Tyler since Empire Records.

4. I first knew Liv and Steven must have had an “unconventional” relationship when he allowed his then teenage daughter to strip in the “Crazy” video and make out with Alicia Silverstone.

5. I didn’t think it was so unconventional that Liv and Steven would then make out on the red carpet of the Super opening in LA last night. I don’t want to get all “Angelina Jolie open mouth kisses her brother at the Oscars” about this, but it’s a weird photo. That’s all I’m saying.

Photo: Todd Williamson, WireImage

  • Zombie Fireball

    Glad my dad didn’t live to see this.

  • Crissy


  • Denise

    You all are kidding right? This is Steven’s daughter kissing her Dad and someone taking a picture just at the right time. I am positive it was a quick Daddy kiss and that is it. Sickos!

  • Desiree

    Steven Tyler is the closest thing I’ve seen to a pervert.
    The way he looks at everybody, male or female, Randy or JoLo, looks like he would do anybody!!! YUK! Love A.I> though.

  • Tina Mosley

    Why do people ALWAYS try to make something out of nothing? Steve and Liv are father and daughter for goodness sake. Leave it alone!

  • TEE

    I don’t see this as weird. It’s her dad. She adores him. She’s not MAKING OUT with him. She’s giving him a loving kiss.

  • bumcheek7

    Did anyone see these two on the cover of ‘Rolling Stone’ a few years back? Yeah, it was pretty gross – they were posing completely glued to each other – esp. at the crotch level. My thought was ‘Why doesn’t her just stick it in her – this isn’t art, this is disturbing!

  • roxie

    i find this disturbing. all stephen tyler does is make obnoxious sounds and grunts at the women. he needs to remember he is a grandfather now and is this something he wants them to see. just saying………………….

  • Mary Jo

    They’re ITALIAN – give them & me a BREAK!

  • janice


  • Grammar Police

    you spelled daughter wrong in the caption under the photo. ‘biological daughter’ NOT ‘biological daighter’.
    As for the photo. She was just kissing her father. That is love, not perversion – even thoguh Steven can be perverted, he is just an overly sexual man, it’s part of his ‘brand’. That’s who he is. When Stevie boy stops behaving as an over-sexed teenaged boy is when the Mayan calendar prediction comes true. (we are all gunna die Dec 21st – 2012, I am hoping they just ran out of beans to count and that’s why they chose that as the en of days.) Just sayin.

  • onlyagirl

    Grammar Police: Clean up your own spelling before throwing stones. “en of days” “just sayin” It is end of days. Just saying.

  • Louiae Hass

    I think this is SICK, SICK, !

  • Fred Mejias

    I agree with #5 (above list) EXCEPT for the ‘making out’ bit—we cannot actually tell if that’s authentic or not. It’s very clear that there is “something” (like maybe Liv’s hand or a mat of hair) in between both their mouths. So, #5 it is…!!

  • strings

    not normal…they should consider counseling

  • rocknroller

    i don’t think Liv is italian

  • rocknroller

    also, she didn’t grow up with him, at 16 she “found out” he was her biological father.she grew up elsewhere.

  • Dee

    I don’t think they are making out, to me it looks like she grabbed his face and gave him a smooch on the lips, the hair in the way makes it look differently… geez people, that IS his daughter and he thinks very highly of her and she of her dad…. I wish i could have kissed my dad at all!

  • Kimber

    I cant believe “Denise”(3rd comment from the top) is calling us “sickos”. Maybe the pic was taken “just at the right time”. But, who holds their dad’s face like that when giving a “quick Daddy kiss”? AAANNNDDD, steven tyler IS a pervert. he has gotten in trouble with Idol producers for ogling girls on the show. AND, liz, well, she has a bad habit of sucking the face off of those she greets. Denise, do a little web-search on the Tyler’s for yourself. I’M positive you’ll come to view this creepy pic with new perspective.

  • jpm

    This is just dysfunctional and strange; Hollywood celebs have a lifestyle that is strange.

  • jpm

    I remember going to an Aerosmith concert and watching Tyler slowly spit into the mouths of the young women into the crowd. he’s a total perv.

  • pamela


  • Jo-an

    Uhm, it looks like she’s giving him a kiss. How do you get making out other than getting a story and trying to cause trouble and getting stupid people to make rude childish comments? I know this is how you make a living with made up stories, but I now get to see it first hand. Interesting.

  • Jo-an

    Sorry, thought I put a period in there. As for some of the stories in here, I don’t think so.

  • Brizz

    I just have one word for this picture… GROSS!!!!

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