Little Black Book: Angela Lindvall’s Guide to Bali

Little Black Book: Angela Lindvall’s Guide to Bali
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Angela Lindvall has been a supermodel since she was 14-years-old, and has since starred in ad campaigns for Chanel and walked the runway for Victoria’s Secret. In recent years Lindvall has grown into the role of environmental activist. In true supermodel fashion, Lindvall has spread her message of sustainability by working with like-minded fashion brands like luxe, Bali-based jewelry line John Hardy.
Lindvall was introduced to Hardy in 2007 when she traveled to the Indonesian island of Bali with actor Adrian Grenier to shoot the TV show “Alter Eco” and quickly accepted an invitation to design a charity bracelet with the proceeds going to Forest Ethics. “I fell in love with Bali,” Lindvall told us. “It’s the spirit of the people I love most and their connection to spirit realm. They are amazing artisans, and have a natural talent for woodcarving, stonework, and building beautiful things in general.”
Along the way Lindvall became the face of John Hardy as well as the designer of “Hijau”—meaning green in Balinese—a high-end capsule collection and now the Angela by John Hardy Collection sold on QVC. Each piece is made from recycled silver and delivered in 50 percent post-consumer packaging. “It feels good to do something you love, make a living from it, and make sustainable choices,” Lindvall says.
Lindvall’s designs are ultimately inspired by Bali itself. She begins each collection by traveling through Bali and Southeast Asia with her two sons, immersing herself in the culture and visiting small villages where she spends time with local artisans. Lindvall takes pictures and sketches before bringing her ideas back to the John Hardy compound to be turned into reality.
“I get inspired by nature and spirit,” Lindvall says. “Sometimes we find beauty in the most simple things in life. There is also a spiritual essence to all my pieces. Bali is a very spiritual place and I try to incorporate this into my jewelry.”
We couldn’t think of a more passionate insider to share her favorite spots on this wildly beautiful island.

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