Ali Lohan Leaves Lindsay And Her Famous Family Behind For Korean “Model House”

Spencer Cain

 Ali Lohan Leaves Lindsay And Her Famous Family Behind For Korean Model HouseWhen Lindsay Lohan‘s little sister Ali (who now prefers to go by Aliana) signed with leading agency Next Models last year, we were all a bit confused. It’s not that Ali isn’t a pretty girl — it’s just that whenever a Lohan family member snags a new gig, it’s impossible not to be skeptical.

Since then, it doesn’t seem that Ali has really worked. Sure, there was the Page Six photo shoot and interview where she laughed off plastic surgery rumors, but for a Lohan, that’s just commonplace. Now, Next clearly wants to raise Ali’s model profile and capitalize on her celebrity, as TMZ reports they are sending her to a “model house” in Korea where she will live with 3-4 other Americans.

The girls will be bunking together and exploring all that South Korea has to offer as they compete for jobs in the lucrative Asian market. Frankly, we’re a little bit miffed that no one optioned this for a reality show. Who remembers “The Beautiful Life” on The CW? You know, the story of forty models living together in New York City that was supposed to be Mischa Barton‘s comeback but lasted three episodes? We can only imagine how much better this would be.

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