Loaded Guns & Cigarettes: Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Photoshoot At Chateau Marmont

Spencer Cain
Loaded Guns & Cigarettes: Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Photoshoot At Chateau Marmont
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Terry Richardson‘s been having quite a week, since yesterday he posted nearly 20 pictures of the most insane person in the entire world, Paz de la Huerta, hanging out naked at her house. (Ed. note: If you’re not familiar with Paz, you need to be. Check out an interview I did with her here where she told me that if she could wear one thing for the rest of her life, it would be Wolford stockings — and that she doesn’t do sex scenes, she does “love scenes.” Moving on …)

Leave it to Terry to make the Paz photos the least crazy part of his repertoire this week. Today, he premiered some racy new photos (heads up: some are NSFW) of Lindsay Lohan in her former home and one of the most glamourous/seediest places in the world, the famed Chateau Marmont. Lindsay is no stranger to acting like a complete freak for Terry, but these pictures are completely out of control. Lindsay is clearly still in her makeup from the set of the upcoming Liz & Dick, and she has taken to the Chateau to unwind and indulge in her favorite pastimes: Parliament Lights and loaded guns.

Look, we know this is for the sake of art, but considering Lindsay’s torrid reputation, anyone would tell her that it’s a bad idea to be photographed wielding firearms in semi-suicidal poses while chain smoking. But to each their own, kids, to each their own.

Update: Terry has taken down the pictures of Lindsay with the gun. Looks like she has some good people on her team.

Images via Terry’s Diary

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Lindsay in front of the most iconic Chateau Marmont room.

When she shoots, she scores.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Lindsay Lohan loads her gun.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Lindsay aims at herself.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Clearly still in her Elizabeth Taylor makeup.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Oh, the Chateau...

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Pin-up girl.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Lindsay and "musician" Sky Ferreira.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Nip slip.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Lindsay vamps for Terry.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Lindsay struggles to unpack.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Fabulous in fur.

Photo: Terry Richardson/

Posing on the balcony.

Nothing a little lipstick won't fix.

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