Lindsay Lohan Makes an Amazing Elizabeth Taylor

Spencer Cain

 Lindsay Lohan Makes an Amazing Elizabeth Taylor

While Lindsay Lohan‘s name is on everybody’s lips right now thanks to a little “skipping out on a $50,000 bill” situation at her beloved Chateau Marmont, there is more positive news to report about her today. Lifetime has officially released promotional pictures for the upcoming Liz & Dick where she stars as Elizabeth Taylor, and despite everyone’s initial skepticism, she looks amazing.

Previously, we had seen images of Lindsay in her Liz garb and it had been slightly disappointing, but with the magic of the camera, we can think of no one else better suited to play the role. In the above picture, she portrays the iconic Dame Elizabeth in her later years. We don’t mean to be crude, but thanks to years of boozing and chain smoking, Lindsay can easily pull off looking over 40.

After seeing the latest photos, we are heavily anticipating the made-for-TV flick. Maybe this is finally what she needs to get back on track? Check out more official snapshots from the set here.

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