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Lindsay Lohan borrows $1,750 gown, hems it herself, returns it totally destroyed

  • Here's Lindsay Lohan at the prestigious amfAR New York Gala in a beaded gown by Theia. 

    Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
  • Here's her after party look, which involved throwing on a chic fur hoodie. 

    Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Lindsay Lohan borrows $1,750 gown, hems it herself, returns it totally destroyed

Lindsay Lohan borrows $1,750 gown, hems it herself, returns it totally destroyed

Lindsay Lohan borrows $1,750 gown, hems it herself, returns it totally destroyed
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Earlier this month, perpetually troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan made a pretty major red carpet appearance at the prestigious amfAR Gala, where she was decked out in a beaded gown by Theia. Given some of Lohan’s regular fashion faux pas, we were fairly impressed with this ensemble. Apparently though, Lohan’s dress didn’t fare too well after the party was over.

According to Us Weekly, Lohan pulled some major strings to get the gown in the first place, having her dear friend (and occasional benefactor) Charlie Sheen call it in from noted stylist Phillip Bloch.

As the night progressed, Us reported that Lohan accidentally ripped the dress at an after-party and panicked, so she did what no other person in their right mind would ever do: She had her stylist friend run up to the bouncer, snag a pair of scissors, and hem it DIY-style.

“She turned it into a mullet! Only a fashiony person would do that! She’s out of control and behaving really badly,” a source told the mag. Frankly, we think a bad hem job is step up for the DUI-getting LiLo, but we can imagine the folks at Theia weren’t too thrilled when their gown came back looking like this:

Photo via Us Weekly

Photo via Us Weekly

It’s time for PR people to learn a very valuable lesson: Do not loan out a dress if Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are the team behind the pull request. End of story.

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  • Spirit Sister

    Dear Lindsey Lohan’s,
    Your luck is going to run out. It’s a new year – you just thinks your to cute and favors & lack of consequences are running short as well. In hopes you see the light before you take that walk into the “white light” with no return.
    The entertainment business has lost so many and this is so sad for we all loose when talent is takenfrom us.

    Lindsey – get with it girl, don’t want to read about you in the obituaries, unless that is your choice in destination. In so many ways, that’s the pathway your on. So many people have looked the other way and slapped your hand instead of holding you accountable. WAKE UP ! Or say good-bye to the ones you can. Not many have that opportunity. We will see you in the tabloids, your choice on how it is written. I’d like to think tuff if how you need it to accomplish more than you ever could…. again choice ! My favorite word!

    • Ilovecole

      Exactly spirit sister! If any of us were to do what she has done, we’d be in prison for sure! But money talks and celebrities walk! I say they should get a more severe punishment than a normal person, they are supposed to be role models.. she should have more consequence.

      • Andy

        I think LiLo will end up broke and in jail, rather than dead, at least this time around. Her problems will catch up very soon unless she gets sober and serious once and for all. Wake up girl! you have life ahead of you.

  • Jasper Eliot

    C’mon, folks. Getting angry at Lindsay is like letting a monkey in your house, then getting upset when items get thrown around and destroyed. Please stop trying to imply that she has accountability. She has none. She’s Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan! If you want to throw bricks, then aim them at her handlers.

    • jacqui

      Sorry Jasper, but it is attitudes such as yours which turned her into that monkey, never mind handlers, she is a grown woman and should stop taking the P.

      And Judges, stop slapping her on the wrist and give her some REAL punishment, it’s the only way she will learn.

  • Anniee

    She got off easy again yesterday. Rehab and community service. I just wonder what it takes for Lindsay to start behaving like an adult.

  • Bill

    White trash, seriously…

  • Ellen E Watson

    So brutallly honest! Well said my friends.

  • Mark Starr

    Dear Lindsay Lobrow, You are a white trash brat heading for a brick wall. Only a matter of when, not if.

  • Neil Bailey

    Why are they complaining? $1750 couldn’t buy them this publicity.

    • mieks

      No doubt, and the idea that any dress (not covered with precious metal or gems) is worth $1750 is rediculous anyway. I guess they’ll just have to write it off for the $75 in materials and $30 of labor to make it. Or sell it on ebay as suggested.

  • Arwel Rowlands

    Seriously who gives a f***!? If the owner stuck it on Ebay “as worn by L.L” then it would sell for double..

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