Lindsay Lohan Is Taking On Kim Kardashian With New Gaming App

Lindsay Lohan Launches App

Photo: Wenn

Lindsay Lohan appears to be taking business cues from the Kardashians, and has released a gaming app called The Price of Fame that feels very similar to the hugely successful Kim Kardashian Hollywood game. The main difference between the two (except for the small fact Kim’s is already worth millions) is that LiLo’s version has a much more sarcastic edge, and throws shade at many of the ridiculous things we all love to hate about celebrity culture.

The aim of the game is to get fans, at any cost. The app was created is a collaboration with Space Inch Studios, and really just involves swiping up on your touch screen as rapidly as possible to get fans as quickly as your reflexes will allow. But it’s actually not completely mindless—hear us out—you can also win things like a virtual party bus, or invest in publicity, to up your celebrity status.

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While the game is free to download for iPhone and android, you will be invited to pay to upgrade your virtual lifestyle and celebrity status, just like in Kim Kardashian Holywood. While testing out the game we were prompted to “Buy some stupid celebrity stuff to get more fans for every swipe,” and learned that paying for a raw food diet, for example, will increase your fan base. You can also choose to start a phony rap beef, get butt implants, fight in an elevator, give your baby botox, or get in a fight with paparazzi. “It’s all part of getting famous in Hollywood,” says The Price of Fame website.  Regardless of whether you’re planning to download the game to try it yourself, at least we know LiLo’s got a sense of humor, right?

Watch the promotional video below to find out more about LiLo’s latest venture.

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