Lea Michele & Chris Colfer Get Green Light to Stay on ‘Glee’

Spencer Cain

Following the controversy surroundingGlee creator Ryan Murphy‘s announcement that thegraduating “seniors” would not be returning to the show, a new report states that our favorite New Directions members may actually be sticking around. Musical theater freaks and creepy dads rejoice!

According to E!, who visited the Glee set yesterday, Murphy stated, “I think that just because people graduate, which I thought was very important to the show, that doesn’t mean they’re not onGlee or not a part of theGlee world. We haven’t figured out what that is yet. We’re figuring that out. A lot of it will depend on the actors and what their dreams are and what they want to do and what they feel that have left in them. We’re obviously a very close group of people. We talk about these things every day.”

So obviously, the fate is up in the air – but it’s looking like members of one of the worst dressed casts on television,including Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Cory Monteith, Dianna Agron and more won’t be getting their diplomas anytime soon. But that brings me to an important question – would you still watch the show without these heavyweights? Frankly, I wouldn’t. It’s television, people. We can all suspend reality for an hour a week with a significantly more quality program. I’m not crazy about Lea Michele (girl is a diva like no other), but without her belting, where would we be as Gleeks?

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