The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween: 7 Clever Last-Minute Costume Ideas

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Halloween: 7 Clever Last-Minute Costume Ideas
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Attention, everyone: today is Halloween. Throughout the day, people will be showing up at your office with absurd amounts of candy and possibly wearing makeup that would otherwise be considered inappropriate work attire. It can be a challenging time for a lazy girl, especially if you don’t exactly have your costume ready to go. (Oops.)

Some of us—and we’re totally not pointing any fingers here—may even have Halloween party plans, but no costume in which to attend. (Listen, with a full-time job and stacked social calendar, it’s hard enough to plan real life outfits everyday, much less attempting to dress up as someone else.)

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Luckily, we’ve considered all avenues, and come up with seven last-minute costume ideas that you can literally put together with one stop to the store on the way to the party. Pick up a few supplies, throw them on, and voila!—you are now a  Halloween goddess. Or spirit, or however you prefer to think of yourself.

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Toilet Paper Mummy

This is probably the easiest idea on the list, perfect for the laziest of the lazy. Head to the drug store, buy some toilet paper, and wrap it around yourself. If you want to glam it up a bit, throw on a smoky eye and a dark red lip. You're done!

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The Olsen Twins

This one requires a little bit of forethought: pair up with one of your girlfriends, first of all. Each of you must wear the baggiest clothes you have in your closets, preferably in multiple layers. Throw on a pair of gigantic and dark sunnies; if you don't own a pair, buy some cheap ones at Target or a similar store. Lastly, muss up your hair and step into a pair of high heels.

Crazy Housewife

Inspired by Beyoncé's turn as a crazy/angry housewife in her "Why Don't You Love Me" video, this costume is another that's remarkably easy. Throw on a vintage-inspired dress (anything with a remotely full skirt and a belt will do), then put your hair up however you like it. Do a full face of makeup, preferably with dark eyeliner, mascara, and a bright red lip. Then, muss your face by splashing water over your (closed) eyes so the mascara and eye liner run. The final touch: a wine glass from your kitchen. Preferablly filled with wine.

A Chipotle Burrito

This one is especially fun because it includes going to Chipotle for dinner. After you're done eating, save your brown bag. Then, go to the store and pick up plenty of tin foil. Have a friend help you wrap yourself up in it, then carry the bag around with you all night. Voila! Bonus: if you go into any Chipotle location after 4 p.m. on Halloween eve, you get a bowl, burrito, tacos, or salad for just $3.

Sexy Librarian

Wear a sleek, office-appropriate look: perhaps a pencil skirt and a button-up blouse, or a fitted A-line dress. Pair it with tights and the most conservative pair of heels you own. Stop by the store and get a cheap pair of thick black frames. For an extra touch of sexiness, throw your hair up in a bun and stick a pen through it.

Photo via Jesse Harding

The Annoying Girl Who Never Stops Talking About Yoga

This one is easy-peasy. Throw on your standy yoga outift—leggings, a tank top, maybe a headband—and carry your yoga mat across your back. (If you don't have one, most stores have a cheap variety for about $10.) Then when people start conversations with you, talk only about yoga. Keep up the farce as long as you possibly can.

The Overzealous Christmas Shopper

Here's an easy one that will confuse and intrigue people in equal measure. The outfit here isn't as important; head to the store and buy two shopping bags full of Christmas wrapping paper, bows, tissue, and bags. Then just carry said bags with you to the party. When people ask, just explain you "wanted to get it out of the way." This should ellicit as many laughs as it does eyerolls.

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