7 Celebrities We Wish Mulberry Would Have Named Their Newest Bag After

Liz Doupnik

Alright, so today Mulberry released their highly anticipated Del Rey bag, named after none other than the young starlet, Lana. We’re a mixed bag (pun intended) on the choice of this inspiration. We basically keel over when we think about all of the inspiring models, actresses and editors out there.

I mean, it’s pretty difficult to pick just one to name as a muse on a given day, hell, a given hour. That’s why we were pretty surprised when this news came to our attention. Sure, Lana is a gorgeous girl who looks good in a lot of white and floral headdresses. But is that Mulberry bag-worthy? Leaving audiences with a controversial sub-par performance on SNL, rumors were a-buzz with her authenticity and questionably high rank amongst music mags and blogs when the singer had yet to well, sing.

So, where does that leave us? Look, we love the bag (that’s a given – Mulberry can do no wrong when it comes to design in our eyes) but the name? We’re not sold. We decided to compile a list of other ladies who we think totally deserve a bag named after them and probably should have before this one hit the stores.

What do you think about Lana getting a Mulberry bag named after her? Tell us in the comment section below!

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