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Lady Gaga’s Tour Demands Revealed: See The Pop Star’s Absurd List of Must-Have Items

  • Lady Gaga greets fans in Auckland, New Zealand.

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  • Lady Gaga attends her release of her latest fragrance, Fame by Lady Gaga, at Harrods in London.

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  • Lady Gaga performed at a New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square, New York, in 2011.

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Lady Gaga’s Tour Demands Revealed: See The Pop Star’s Absurd List of Must-Have Items

Lady Gaga’s Tour Demands Revealed: See The Pop Star’s Absurd List of Must-Have Items

Lady Gaga’s Tour Demands Revealed: See The Pop Star’s Absurd List of Must-Have Items
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Notoriously private stars always have dirty laundry, and it always comes out when they’re in the midst of a lawsuit. Case in point: Lady Gaga. The world-famous pop star may seem accessible to her fans (known as her Little Monsters)—but a lot goes on behind closed doors, and it’s coming out now thanks to a legal battle between Gaga and her former assistant and best friend Jennifer O’Neill.

O’Neill is suing Gaga for about $380,000 in unpaid overtime wages, a move Gaga responded to by calling O’Neill a “hood rat” and a “disgusting human being” during her deposition. Now, thanks to the scuffle, Celebuzz managed to obtain a copy of Gaga’s tour rider, which is packed with juicy details about what the superstar demands while touring.

Some highlights:

  • For her dressing room, Gaga requires a “glam rock” theme, with white leather couches and “her favorite fan art”—and a mannequin with “puffy pink pubic hair.” We’re not sure what to make of that.
  • Obviously, the noted whiskey lover needs her booze, so Jameson and a bottle of “good quality red wine” is required wherever she goes.
  • Gaga once wanted a pair of Louboutins, but she didn’t want ones anyone else had. Her requirements for the design? “High-fashion goth shoes…sexy, simple…studded…leather.” Sounds about right.
  • She likes lavender—a lot. One section of the rider reads that the pop star requires “2 large fluffy lavendar [sic] towels; 2 lavendar [sic] hand towels; 2 lavendar [sic] wash cloths, lavendar [sic] handsoap, body wash; face soap; 2 new seafoam luffas [sic]; small candle in the bathroom, fresh yellow, lavendar [sic] or white roses; and a steamer.”
  • Most of us go with the flow when it comes to our drinking straws, but not Gaga. Her rider reads, “1 pack of long straws (must be extra long.)”

  • Mother Monster is clearly a big fan of chips and dip, as guacamole, salsa, and different variations cheeses kept popping up. If you’re wondering about her chip preference, it’s Tostitos Hint of Lime (a hugely underrated chip in our humble opinion, so we’re okay with that particular demand.)
  • Lady Gaga requests 20 bottles of still water at room temperature, and 20 bottles of cold still water. Hey, staying hydrated is a big deal.
  • Next to every bed in her hotel suites, a “multi power strip” must be provided, presumably so she can charge her fleet of electronic devices. Additionally, an iPod player (preferably Bose) must be accessible at all times.

Check out the complete rider here, and let us know—did anything shock you?

  • Puffy pink whiskey

    The absence of “… If only I had a brain” on her list does not one as a surprise.

  • Lady Gaga is NO lady

    Spoiled little godless liberal. What did you expect? She laughs at her “fans” all the way to the bank!

  • Allan Wojcik

    Who really cares about all that crap.

  • Word-ly Wise

    I have dealt with artist’s riders for 10+ years and this does not seem particularly newsworthy to me. A little excessive maybe. I suspect the dressing room decor and mannequin details are more a joke than anything. Ask a national recording artist for the truth and they’ll tell you a few things are added just for the fun of it. The Louboutins are another matter since riders are intended to be regular needs of the artist in preparation for a show and not a gift of sorts that they collect while globe trotting along tour dates. I’m going to hope she’s gifting the shoes to some needy organization for a silent auction item and leave it at that. If not, she should be pressured by her beloved Little Monsters to do so. Gigs up Gaga.

  • Karen Peters

    Towels, snacks, drinks, straws and a power strip hardly seem like unreasonable demands to have in a dressing room. Some stars require really odd things. Gaga’s list is pretty tame.

  • S Curran

    This is a big nothing. If this is all the ex-assistant has, good luck.

  • Glauber

    All this sounds a little less exaggerated and weird than other riders I’ve seen. Some of it is fairly eccentric, but again, relatively tame compared to other huge stars.

  • AJ Simkatu (@Simkatu)

    Big deal. Stars are told by managers that they can receive these benefits for free. They don’t pay taxes on any of the crap they are given, so the more they ask for and get the more they make. When Ms. Gaga brings in $600,000/night in money for a place, shouldn’t she expect to have all her wants and desires taken care of? I bet Donald Trump’s accommodations are tens times as expensive when he’s out gallivanting about.

  • Dresser1

    I’ve worked for decades on the road with musical acts, including many female artists with a decent sized band, bunch of dancers, management & entourage, security, glam squad & wardrobe team, and road crew. It usually adds up to more than a hundred people in the building on any given show day, whom she, at the end of the day, is responsible for feeding, sheltering, transporting, insuring, and paying salaries and perdiems, 7 days a week. I read the whole thing, and it is nothing at all out of the ordinary whatsoever. Not at the gig, nor in the hotel. The concert promoters or the hotels agree to take on these expenses because every night that she’s there is HUGE bucks for them. They know what they are obligating themselves to well in advance, no surprise for them to foot the bill. As Van Halen used to explain, if the promoters get the little things right (no green M&M’s), you can probably trust that they got the big things right (how to hang tons of speakers and lighting truss over the stage safely). I have seen much much worse, much more entitled, and much harder to satisfy riders, tons of times. Love her or hate her, this list ain’t no big thing in the world of live music, and nothing to be raked over the coals for. It is also not something that the assistant would have been on her own to completely look after. Local people provide almost everything. Overtime? Please. Are you kidding? Every real road warrior knows there’s no “overtime” in rock & roll!!! 16 ~ 20 hour days are standard! Choose it because you love it or stay home.

  • Matt

    whats the big deal?? thats nothing. 40 bottles of water… wowwww… thats like $10 at walmart. chips? so what. my friends only eat certain chips. no more than $5 at the store. ohhh no a power strip!! how crazy for someone to need a power strip in 2013. I was expecting alot more.

  • John Reece

    As much as I dislike her stage persona and music she is a celebrity who spends much of her life in hotel rooms. Specifying certain commonly-available drinks and snacks is hardly unreasonable. As to the demand for a powerstrip the awkward placement of hotel room outlets is a MAJOR issue for this traveling nobody.

    On the other hand,specifying furniture, mannequin, and shoes is a bit much

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