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Lady Gaga’s Judas Video Is As Madonna/Jesus-y as Expected

Lady Gaga’s Judas Video Is As Madonna/Jesus-y as Expected

Sorry E!, it seems the Internet cannot be tamed. Lady Gaga’s “Judas” video was leaked earlier, and although the network of Ryan Seacrest and Joan Rivers had an exclusive on it set to air tonight, Little Monsters the world over have been watching and commenting on this thing all day.

Lo siento mucho! That Spanish apology isn’t just for fun, the video is very Latin influenced in the same way as Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet. Think: moto leather, slicked back hair, copious eye makeup, tattoos and red bandanas. That Catholic groups have been griping about it like it’s the second coming of “Like a Prayer” is not surprising. I guess they don’t like it when you sing about the man responsible for turning Jesus Christ over to his killers. Semantics!

The video starts with a motorcade, includes a crown of thorns, a bathtub Baptism, bar brawls, feet washing, painted on eyebrows and Jesus getting lickedwatch on for some hot bodied Gaga. A video that references Catholicism and hot Latin men… why would anyone compare the Gaga to Madonna? Right?

  • heather

    Woo-hoo! More ga-ga-garbage!!!

  • pj

    Can we get rid of the cheap $10 dollar wigs all ready? CHange your REAL hair color or do something with your REAL hair. These ugly wigs that all the pop stars are wearing are so silly and ugly. What happened to pop stars changing their image with their actual hair did these new stars just get lazy or are they playing halloween? As for the controversy all this for such a boring video? SHe needs to learn how to dance because shes so stiff its hard to watch her in all her videos.

  • TC

    It’s funny how hard she tries to be controversial. Sorry Lady Gag Gag, this was all done before when these subjects you’re so desperately trying to copy, were actually taboo and original at the time. So keep on borrowing from the Madonna career handbook to keep your legion of 14 year old fans interested that are too young to know any better. Those are the only ones you’re fooling at this point. It’s also hilarious how because she’s so #### ugly, she has to continually hide behind gallons of clown ##### makeup and lame ### costumes. This whole act is already tired, and until she whips out her ##### on stage we all know this ####### has – there is no shock value to anything she does.

  • Mike3

    Wow this is some really edgy stuff! I have never seen anyone make a song or video using religious imagery before. Maybe next we can look forward to her making a song about being a virgin. That hasn’t ever been done before either.

  • AA

    She is the most talked about artist in the world because she is a genius
    she is the one wearing the crown , If you can’t see the good in her creative body of work your not the fans she wants anyway.
    love you Lady ga ga.

  • Dita

    @AA: You can think she’s wearing whatever meaningless crown you want for the moment. Any so-called crown that is worth anything is one that lasts and stands a true test of time. Busting out few radio hits over a period of less than 3 years, doesn’t merit any title of legendary status. Especially when she starts making songs like “Alejandro” and “Born This Way” that without a doubt used melodies of other artists songs she ripped off. This Judas video using the played out religious scenes is just the latest expample of how truly unoriginal she is. Don’t forget, it wasn’t all that long ago may people were hailing Britney as the new queen – look how well that one turned out.

  • Enough of garbage

    Her worst song to date !

  • Bmth_jules

    yawn…we have seen it all before. Sorry Gaga fans but there’s nothing original in her work! :-/

  • Darolo

    Not only have we seen all this before we’ve also heard it! She’s niw ripping IFC herself too. The song is so like Bad Romance! The ‘Juda ah ah’ etc is like ‘ra ra ooh lala’ section and the ‘I’m just a ….fool and baby it’s so cruel’ equals Bad Romance. I am also bored by the choreography. 9 times out of 10 Gaga is in triangular formation with her at tge front and her dancers in rows if 2,3,4 etc behind her. I agree her movements are very stiff and she appears only to be able to produce this kind of ‘stomp-like style which has it’s ace but nit on every #### video!!! Her sets are elaborate but methinks they hide a multitude of sins! Also I totally agree about the wigs – if you have to hide behind them then you have the money to purchase decent ones. That’s a bi…ig difference between Gaga and Madonna. M has always gone for the best! That’s where she shows her class. Her dancers are special because Madonna knows how to pick them. Her videos, tour etc showcase variation in dance technique. One song Gaga will never rip is ‘Don’t Tell Me’!! Gaga would never be able to replicate a dance sequence like that one.

  • ella

    Ugly women, ugly song x

  • Mrs. Yuk Yuk

    Anyone that even tries to compare Madonna to this ridiculous and ugly tranny, is about as funny as the morons that compare Justin Beiber to Michael Jackson. They’re not even in the same universe.

  • Tina

    I find it ironic also as hard as gaga tries to so obviously copy M with almost every new thing she puts out now, that M still looks hotter at literally twice her age! As with nearly everything, nothing beats the original and those who had the courage and took the risks to do it all first. All this endless ripping off of M does is show all that much more so what a true icon M is. So keep at it gaga, you were born this way…lame.

  • Jon

    LOL.. Cheap, Unoriginal, and just plain corny!!! Judas fell off the charts weeks ago… This is the beginning of the end for the GAG!!! Katy Perry is crushing her right now.. It’s Ova 4 Ya!!! And the “QUEEN” Madonna is about to unleashe ‘Lola’ on all of us… Stay tuned!!!

  • Madonna'sCrown

    She can only wish that she can have me. ;-) :-P
    GagGag seriously needs a reality check on what is fabulous, strength, depth, courage, determination, beauty, glamour, changing the world, changing how women are perceived,,not only by men, but the whole #### world…then what? Compared of copying everything my owner does.

    Until GagGag can do anything Madonna has accomplished, all she is is a wannabe.
    This wanna-be Marylin Manson, needs to GoGo!

  • CMG

    Can she just copy more effin’ time? Haven’t we seen it all before? Can GaGa take another page out of Madonna’s Handbook?

    My goodness GaGa, get some originality, girlfriend.
    Your act is becoming boring, and tired and now just plain ridiculous!

  • Richard

    Lady Gaga, you don´t need controversy to be successful. You are actually talented. Please, stop benchmarking Madonna and don´t try to steal that unique place she has earned, because you will miserably fail in doing so.

  • tor'

    Madonna fall in love with SAN PEDROÇ
    Lady gaga fall in love with Judas
    the video seems like “like a Prayer” ! ¬¬ lady gaga COpycat ¬¬

  • Mack Bazile

    Let’s forget for a moment that Madonna did a video that refrenced catholicism, and step away from the Gaga bashing for a split second. Check the poetry in the song. I dated a chick just like that. “Jesus is my virtue, but I’m in Love with Judas” No one has ever been in love with a backstabbing, good for nothing person? While all the while having something better right under their noses with hands stretched out?

  • OP

    Oh I just got the end– in the lady gaga is Mary Magdalene! scandalous!

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