Lady Gaga Wears a Sheer Gown to Awards Show


Friday night, Lady Gaga accepted the 2009 Billboard Magazine Rising Star Award. Lady Gaga emotionally received the award – citing her parents’ presence in the audience as the reason for her tears. She continued by attributing her unique (worst understatement ever) style inspiration to her fans, but adds, “I fondly remember Mother sticking pipe cleaners on T-shirts, so I’m not all to blame.”

Despite the heartfelt acceptance speech, everyone in the audience was distracted with Lady Gaga’s sheer gown with feathers and hair designed by London designer Holly Russell. For most people, public speaking while naked is such a terrifying nightmare that you wake up from it and thank God you are enough of a human being that you can dress yourself in the morning. I have a feeling Lady Gaga doesn’t necessarily share the same thought process…


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